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Walker Powell


Walker brings together the worlds of digital design and marketing, paving the way for Studio Completiva to enter the hearts and minds of the greater Denver area. Before coming to the front range, he earned a degree in Industrial Design followed by his M.B.A. to bring the worlds together and create beauty with reason. He has focused this passion into the marketing world through his writing and content creation to create an engaging online presence. His goal is to use his knowledge to increase both awareness about Studio Completiva and meaningful online engagement through all digital mediums.

He spends the rest of his time at our firm building our business network by using a personal touch, reaching out and engaging with our partner businesses along with anyone who wants to know more about Studio Completiva. When he’s not at work you can find him around town using that same personal touch to make a friend at a park, on a trail, or at a Rockies game.


MBA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

BA, Industrial Design, University of Louisiana at Lafayette