Studio Completiva, Inc. is a Denver-based, design-first, boutique architecture and planning firm established in June 1995. Our firm is dedicated to developing communities that bring a marked, positive impact both to the lives of the residents and to the greater neighborhood.






Affordable Housing Charette

Last week we gathered to discuss something important to us, the future of affordable housing. Providing equitable housing currently means providing an affordable, healthy, dignified place to live. This will soon include the need to alleviate increased temperatures, increased dust and pollen, water scarcity, and energy efficiency. This was the first step in a line of charettes to find the solution to these issues.



Studio Completiva worked closely with the artist, Florian Hecker, to design this computer-generated sound installation. The display system comprises a suspended architecture of loudspeakers, cables and acoustic panels that differentiate auditory environments, creating distinct but overlapping spatial layouts for audiences to experience.

Working with synthetic sound, the human listening mechanism and the experiential qualities of audition, this installation produces subjective sensory situations that evade categorization and linguistic description. The pieces featured here sculpt an invisible architecture, with hallucinatory intensities dramatizing attention, movement and memory.


Studio Completiva gallery rendering
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Denver Artist Affordable Housing Brainstorming Session

Redline Charrette


The SVED-2506 project is the first phase of development in the district-scale revitalization of Sun Valley. This building will mark the beginning of the vertical development as well as structure the ongoing performance measurement and data gathering of the Sun Valley EcoDistrict as it forms and functions. As the first phase, this will not only provide a gateway to a long-isolated part of Denver, but will also ensure transparency and provide a resource as the District continues to develop.


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SVED Charrette