Village at Westerly Creek


About this project

The Village at Westerly Creek is group of residential units classified at affordable housing. It contains 74 – townhome style and flat style units. The residential program is divided into two groups: families and seniors. The families group is located at the entire northern portion of the site from East to West, while the seniors group is located at the Southeastern portion of the site. Fifty of the units are for families with a mix of two, three, and four bedroom townhomes and flats that are either two or three stories. For seniors, there are twenty four one-bedroom one story townhomes. All of these components have been constructed in the form of eight or nine stand alone buildings throughout the five acres site.  

There are three unit types, with some variants for ADA units and corner units. The residential portion of the building is accessible through either S. Ironton St., as the main intended access, or from E. Kentucky Ave. The residential units surround and overlook a central play area/open space.  This area is landscaped, and furnished with amenities for children. 



Aurora, CO


Aurora Housing Authority


86,449 GSF


$16 MM

date completed

November 2018