Juan Diego


About this project

Juan Diego Apartments, a permanent supportive housing project, was developed by Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation to provide needed housing for the homeless, especially those with challenging life issues or illnesses. The project attempts to redefine the negative associations, imagery, and perception of housing for the homeless. Our goal was to create a building that would bring comfort and dignity to the residents and also the neighbors by utilizing the building itself as an advocate for homeless housing and services.

The 27,075 square feet building provides 21 private suites within 17 dwelling units. The project also contains 26 covered parking spaces on the first floor. Amenities include porch, communal kitchen and multi-purpose/community room. The project utilizes an innovative interpretation of the building codes to maximize number of private bedrooms while minimizing required parking.



Denver, CO


Del Norte Community Development


26,970 SF


$3.3 MM

date completed