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About this project

2121 Canyon is a market rate apartment building in Boulder, Colorado. Studio Completiva was commissioned to upgrade the façade and amenity areas , while coordinating new site work surrounding the building. Renovations were completed in Fall 2016.

The parking and porte cochere were rearranged to create a pedestrian plaza at the entry. The existing canopy for the porte cochere was stripped down to its structural frame and painted. A wood trellis/sunshade system was installed spanning between the existing members. The existing primary entry was replaced with a storefront system. This included updating the finishes lighting and vestibule in the lobby. At grade on the exterior, the existing asphalt was removed and replaced with a landscaped concrete pattern. Seating was incorporated around newly created green spaces. All new fencing was installed. At the first floor, the units were updated to include an at-grade entry and patio space.

The existing façade was a dated composition of brick with textured stucco vertically placed at window locations. These vertical brick sections terminated at large bulkheads above the existing parapet that were once used as chimneys. Originally, a clay tile mansard roof was located at the facia of the parapet that was interrupted by the vertical chimneys. The redesign accomplished the following: chimney tops were demolished at the height of the parapet and new cap flashing was added. All the dark maroon brick was painted an off-white color to brighten up the overall façade. The mansard roof’s clay tiles were removed and replaced with a standing seam metal panel. Stucco at all locations was updated to a smooth finish and re-colored to accentuate the newly painted brick and standing seam metal roof. The second-floor locker room and laundry area was repurposed into one large open community room with new lighting and finishes. The first-floor office and unused sauna area became the location for the newly installed lockers, dog washing station, bicycle repair station, and laundry room.



Boulder, CO







date completed

Fall 2016