Sable Ridge Homes


About this project

The Habitat for Humanity Sable Ridge homes are a group of 51 townhomes near Chambers and East 40th Avenue in the Montbello Neighborhood. The largest development in Habitat Metro Denver’s history, a group of twelve buildings with large outdoor areas for families to live and play. The homes are variations of about six to eight types of units depending on the family sizes along with one parking spot for each house. In order to take some pressure off of Andrews Dr. a road was built in order to provide easier parking for the residents along with guest parking along the street.

In order to engage with the community around the homes each of the buildings had gaps in between them to promote pedestrian cross traffic. In the center of all the buildings there are two open areas for families to picnic and let their children play outdoors. There are creeks with boulders around them for children to play on, promoting “nature play” which has them interact with natural structures instead of man-made structures. All of these aspects come together to promote a community between all of the buildings included in the Sable Ridge homes.



Denver, CO


Habitat for Humanity


51 Townhomes


$8.5 MM

date completed