18 Jun Copenhagen!

I arrived in Copenhagen with 14 students from UC Denver and my colleague Leila Tolderlund.  She is schooling us in all things Danish as well as her other insights about the built environment.  We are biking through the city en masse led by Danish experts in urban design and architecture seeing an amazing mix of old and new.  From BIG to small, shared streets to classical churches and always on the bike.  Bikes are everywhere – it reminds of China in the old days.  The students are excited to start their urban design projects on the site of the old Carlsberg brewery – a historical site that mixed industry with art – which will become a new city district.  It is inspiring to be in an environment where design is celebrated and bold – old and new co-exist with experimentation and deep research into what make a place become both inspiring and sustainable.  plaza violin carlsberg ahhh!Many more posts to come but here are a few of the greatest hits:Student Housing

New Water Housing

BIG 8 house_ up the rampNew Schoolfacade shiftBIG 8 green roofsHousing-Decks!Old Canal Nyhavn

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