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02 Jul bikes, bikes, bikes, bikes

The bike culture is intense in Copenhagen.  A complete bike infrastructure and flat terrain makes biking easy, safe and something EVERYONE does. I have seen a cargo bike with 4 young kids in it, a conservative man in traditional muslim clothing, women in spike heels, men in suits, and everything in between. As my colleague here said people imagine it like a vacuum cleaner: no gear needed to vacuum the house, just another tool you use in life.  Bikes on trains, dedicated bike lanes throughout, a clear set of rules,  and a compact city make it all work so that more than 50% of the the city is on bikes.  Some main thoroughfares into the city have 35,000 bikes per day – more bikes than cars!! A new bike share is starting (white bikes) that is an e-bike with a built in tablet – high tech.  Driving is a real hassle especially in the center city but biking is a joy keeping people healthy, fit, and on time.  Even on the open roads outside the city there is a dedicated lane.  Here are a few greatest hits:


IMG_3734 IMG_3625 _1050954 IMG_3689 _1050958 IMG_3576 IMG_3786

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